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Hi! I’m Jessica Wagener – expert for stories with emotional impact.

I am a journalist, student, translator, book writer, blogger, podcaster, and storyteller based in Scotland.

I love personal stories told by real humans, deeply human topics like death and grief, resilience and handling of personal crisis – but also literature and history, traveling, food, whisky, and generally anything that brings a tiny spark of joy, curiosity, and pleasure to life. Because that is important.

I wrote and published two books („Narbenherz“ and „Wir geben Opa nicht ins Heim“, both Rowohlt Verlag) – I’ve also worked for more than 20 years for major German publications like BILD am SONNTAG,, Der Spiegel, Die Welt, as well for smaller digital magazines like z.ett, Reisereporter, and local news outlets like Hamburger Abendblatt and Südkurier.

Therefore, I have loads of experience in online, dailyweekly and monthly publishing and with various capricious content management systems from CoreMedia, Teamsite or WordPress to Indesign. I know how to use Google Analytics for performance monitoring; I can create visuals with Canva and Photoshop as well as podcasts with Audacity.

Currently, I’m working as a translator and freelance writer and translator for German media – but I would love to write in English as well. As an essay-writing history and literature student at the University of Glasgow, language is not a problem.


Writing about and for humans as a journalist since 2000. See LinkedIn for my full CV or Torial for work examples (German).

Social Media

Not underestimating the „social“ in social media. Ever. Find me on Twitter or Instagram and see for yourself.


There are endless different ways to tell a story. Audio is one of them – and it’s powerful. Listen to my two podcasts here.


With an academic IELTS score of 8.5 out of 9, translating complex articles from English into German is no problem for me.

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My articles in English

Diagnose Gebärmutterhalskrebs: Jessica im Profil blickt aufs Meer in Schottland

Why I as a German believe in an independent Scotland

The Braveheart I encountered on the bus had wrinkles and wore a Christmas hat. It was the day after the General Election. “You look bit sad, love”, he said. “Well, I’m an EU citizen from Germany and concerned about the election results”, I replied. I had made Glasgow my home in 2018. Read more…

Oma ist gestorben: Jessica als Kind und ihre Großmutter Anfang der 1980er im Garten

This is what happens when someone you love is dying

The moment I open the door, I know. Grandma is dying. She lays there on her back, her arms left and right on the white hospital blanket; they are plump, full of water. Her mouth is a bit open – as always, when she sleeps. The round tip of her nose looks more pointed than usual. Read more…

Danke an Pflegekräfte: eine junge Hand hält liebevoll eine alte Hand

Here is a heartfelt thank you to nurses and carers

No matter whether you are a patient or a relative – sometimes you want to say thank you to nurses and carers; the ones who take or took good, professional care of yourself or your loved ones. But how? Here are some ideas. Read more…

My personal story

You would like to learn more? Be my guest!

I was born in 1977 in Hamburg. During my more than 40 years I’ve survived quite a fair share of small catastrophes. On the 8th of August 2008 I got divorced, which was a mutual and good decision. Between 2012 and 2017, seven people I love have passed away. And I, personally, had to fight, too: In February 2011 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. That shook me to the core and after one year of treatments, therapies, and surgeries I came out at the other end; shattered but very much alive. After this, I went on a world-trip for six month in October 2012 – one of the best ideas of my entire life.

After my return, my grandparents needed increasing help and I took care of them as best I could. In September 2016, my grandma died and my grandpa followed her seven months later. It took a bit of time to process and live through the grief, just one day after the other. As you can see, I have developed quite a strong resilience.

Now I’m in the midst of the next big adventure of my life. I moved to Scotland – to Glasgow, to be precise – for a fresh start. In September 2019 I started to study history and literature at the University of Glasgow, one of the few Germans and even fewer people over 40. It’s brilliant. And never too late.

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Still here and interested? Fantastic! I’m open for ideas, projects, suggestions, collaborations, inspiration, coffee & cake. Just drop me an e-mail: jessicabwagener // at // web. de